Jalen Hurts Inducted Into Superstar Club

July 06, 2023

Athlete Studio

Each summer, Dan Hanzus, from the "Around The NFL Podcast," meticulously assembles his own exclusive team consisting of the absolute best in the league. Hanzus recently unveiled his updated "2023 NFL Superstar Club," featuring several changes from the previous year's roster. The most significant alteration is the addition of Jalen Hurts as the club's new superstar quarterback.

In his third season, Hurts made a remarkable leap, establishing himself as a dominant force for the talented Eagles team. During his 2022 season, he recorded an exceptional 165-plus carries, becoming only the second quarterback in history to do so. He averaged an impressive 4.6 yards per attempt and scored an astonishing 13 touchdowns on the ground, which stands as the second-highest number of touchdowns by a quarterback in any NFL season. Nevertheless, there is potential for him to further excel as a passer, benefiting from the presence of an elite offensive line and a multitude of playmakers surrounding him. Hurts' outstanding performance, which propelled his team to the Super Bowl last season, leaves no room for doubt that he is deserving of his new role as the superstar team's quarterback.

Last season, Hurts emerged as an impressive contender for the MVP title, ultimately finishing as the runner-up. He then showcased his talent by going head-to-head with the winner, Patrick Mahomes, on the grandest stage of professional football. 

Despite their loss in the Super Bowl, Hurts and the Eagles displayed resilience. One thing we can be certain of is that Hurts doesn't make excuses. He is dedicated to putting in the necessary work to make a strong comeback in the upcoming season. Anticipate another spectacular display from the Eagles offense in 2023. With Jalen Hurts at the helm for his third full season as the starting quarterback, expect Philadelphia to maintain their winning momentum.

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