Jalen Hurts in Training Camp with "A Passion to Prove"

August 02, 2023

Athlete Studio

Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts is ready to make a statement in the Eagles' 2023 training camp. After a successful 2022 season, Hurts is determined to set the identity for this year's team and prove their worth on the field.

Hurts, a former Alabama standout, displayed his midseason press-conference form as he emphasized his passion to prove and highlighted the tangible benefits of experience. For him, failure is just a stepping stone towards success, and his goals may change, but the standards remain the same.

"Right now, it's about setting the identity for what this team will be," Hurts declared. "It's about finding out what that will be because it's different from year to year."

What does Hurts want the identity of the Philadelphia team to be this year? "Whatever wins, as simple as that."

The Eagles had a remarkable 2022 campaign, achieving the most victories in one season in franchise history. However, Hurts believes that every new season brings a new journey and a new opportunity to establish their identity.

"We still have to understand that we come here the first day, we're trying to set the foundation of what the identity of this team will be," Hurts explained. "Anything that was done in the past, it really doesn't matter. It's about what we do now, the precedent we set now and the standards we set for ourselves moving forward."

With his impressive performance last season, Hurts has proven himself as a valuable asset to the Eagles. He finished second in the voting for The Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award, made second-team All-Pro, and earned a spot in the Pro Bowl. In Super Bowl LVII, he showcased his versatility by achieving 304 passing yards, a touchdown pass, 70 rushing yards, and three rushing touchdowns – a feat unmatched in NFL history.

For Hurts, experience is the biggest teacher. He believes that his ongoing development and understanding of the game have contributed to his success. As he leads the Eagles in his fourth NFL training camp, Hurts is determined to chase what he wants, what they want – victory.

The Eagles' season-opener on September 10 against the New England Patriots is fast approaching. Before that, they have preseason games lined up against the Baltimore Ravens on August 12, Cleveland Browns on August 17, and Indianapolis Colts on August 24.

"A great day for us being back out there for the first time," Hurts expressed after the first practice. "Every time I step on the field, it's a passion to prove and chase what I want, what we want, so every time we get on the field, that's what we're doing."

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