Jalen Hurts Glad Defensive Player Now on Eagles

September 08, 2023

Athlete Studio

Haason Reddick, the Camden native edge rusher, vividly recalls the texts he received from Jalen Hurts after joining the Philadelphia Eagles in the Spring of 2022. The bond between them had been forged on the field, as Reddick had faced Hurts twice before as a starting quarterback - once as a member of the Arizona Cardinals in December 2020, and then with the Carolina Panthers in October 2021.

Those battles were intense, with both players showcasing their skills. Reddick managed to sack Hurts three times across those two games. It seems that Hurts also remembers those encounters.

In a recent interview with Rich Eisen, Reddick delved into various topics surrounding the Eagles. When asked about his favorite Hurts story that revealed the star quarterback's character, Reddick fondly recalled the texts he received upon signing with the team:

"I was able to get him once or twice as far as sacking him, but even winning, I was able to beat him once, and he beat me once when I was with Carolina. I remember when I got signed here, he was the first one to text me, 'Hey, man. I am GLAD you are here.' I'm like 'I'm glad to be here.' He was like 'NO, LISTEN. I'm tired of you chasing me around on the field. I'm glad now that you are here and I no longer have to worry about you.' [He's] just extremely humble. A great human being, Rich. That's my story. That's my J Hurts story." [The Rich Eisen Show]

Reddick's arrival in Philadelphia allowed him to join forces with esteemed veterans on the defensive line, including Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Javon Hargrave, and Josh Sweat. In his first season with his hometown team, Reddick showcased his prowess by accumulating an impressive 16 sacks and wreaking havoc on the Giants and 49ers in the playoffs.

Although the dream season fell short of a storybook ending in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs, the return of Reddick, Cox, Graham, and Sweat, along with the addition of promising young pass rushers like Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, and Nolan Smith, has amplified the expectations for the Eagles. All eyes are now fixed on the future.

Reddick emphasized that last year is in the past, with his sole focus being on reaching the Super Bowl once again. He stated, "The only thing about last year that I think about is getting back to the Super Bowl. Other than that, what happened last year is like water under the bridge. We gotta keep moving forward."

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