Jalen Hurts Draws Inspiration from NBA Legends

August 09, 2023

Athlete Studio

As Jalen Hurts enters his fourth NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is on the cusp of achieving greatness. In a recent interview with Peter King for "Football Morning in America," Hurts revealed that he sought inspiration from two legendary figures in a different sport during the offseason.

"Every time you go into an offseason, for me at least, I look at guys like MJ (Michael Jordan) and Kobe [Bryant] and how they diagnose their game," Hurts said. "Obviously two different sports, but trying to get better at my strengths and then turning my weaknesses into my strengths."

Hurts, who celebrated his 25th birthday on Monday, also expressed his desire to cultivate mental strength alongside his physical skillset, an attribute both Jordan and Bryant possessed throughout their illustrious NBA careers.

"I've always been a unique player," Hurts explained. "But embracing the rarity of being a true triple-threat... Throwing, running, and mind. For a long time, people said guys like me couldn't think or couldn't process... Trying to put that to sleep."

Last season showcased remarkable improvement for Hurts, who faced doubts about his potential as a starting NFL quarterback and even as a franchise cornerstone. However, he silenced all skeptics with his MVP-caliber performance, leaving no doubt about his capabilities.

This season, Jalen Hurts aims to emulate the success of Jordan and Bryant by adding a Most Valuable Player trophy and a world championship ring to his collection. With his sights set on greatness, Hurts is ready to elevate his game and leave a lasting legacy in the NFL.

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