Jalen Hurts Can't Stop Winning

November 27, 2023

Athlete Studio

With the game hanging in the balance and time ticking down in overtime, Jalen Hurts delivered the decisive blow that propelled the Philadelphia Eagles to a thrilling 37-34 win over the Buffalo Bills.

In a jaw-dropping display of athleticism, Hurts burst through the left side of the field on a quarterback draw, effortlessly navigating through a massive hole and evading two would-be tacklers from the Bills. His electrifying 12-yard touchdown run sealed the victory for the Eagles.

This spectacular play marked Hurts' fifth touchdown of the night, showcasing his exceptional talent and resilience. Despite grappling with a nagging knee injury, Hurts guided the Eagles to an impressive 10-1 record, the best in the NFL. In fact, since 1950, only Peyton Manning (2005-06) has achieved 10-plus wins in his team's first 11 games in consecutive seasons, until now.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni couldn't help but praise Hurts' clutch performance, stating, "He made a lot of really clutch plays in that second half and then, you know, the big one, obviously at the end right there. We did a great job of blocking up front, and Jalen got himself through there for a touchdown in a clutch moment."

Hurts' impact was felt throughout the entire game as he scored in every period except the second quarter when the Bills initially built a 17-7 lead. Undeterred, Hurts rallied his team and led them to a remarkable comeback.

"We just continue to find ways to win," expressed Hurts, who achieved a career-first by tallying five touchdowns in a single game. "We did a great job of blocking up front, and Jalen got himself through there for a touchdown in a clutch moment. Man, what you learn about him. I don't think it's anything you learn about him because you know that he's clutch. He's been clutch for us and clutch for this city and clutch for this team for the past three years now, so you know, he just kept going and put his head down and worked and made some big-time plays at the end."

Completing 18 of 31 passes for 200 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception, Hurts showcased his prowess as both a passer and a runner. He rushed for 65 yards and two additional touchdowns on 16 carries, displaying his versatility and playmaking ability.

Coach Sirianni emphasized Hurts' clutch factor, stating, "There's going to be plays that he wants back from the first half. There's going to be plays that we called that we're going to want back from the first half, but really made some big-time plays when they mattered the most. None more than the three touchdown passes. I thought he read the defense perfectly and hit the ball to DeVonta on the touchdown. What an unbelievable throw and catch by OZ and Jalen on the touchdown on the scramble. My goodness, that was a good play."

Despite the impressive performance from Bills quarterback Josh Allen, it was Hurts who had the final say. After the Bills took a precarious 34-31 lead in overtime, Hurts orchestrated a game-winning drive, covering 75 yards in nine plays.

Displaying his poise under pressure, Hurts completed 3 of 5 throws for 32 yards and added 27 yards on the ground, including the game-ending quarterback draw play. This remarkable comeback victory solidified the Eagles' position as the team to beat.

Throughout the season, questions have arisen about the Eagles' ability to perform at their peak level, particularly on offense. However, with Hurts at the helm, they have consistently defied expectations, emerging victorious in both good and bad games.

In what can only be described as a game-of-the-year candidate, Hurts shone brightly, amassing five touchdowns and leading his team to a remarkable triumph.

"We found a way in the end," declared Hurts, "and made it happen."

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