Hurts Talks Smooth Transition to New OC

August 04, 2023

Athlete Studio

Jalen Hurts is gearing up for another exciting season as he enters his third consecutive year in the same offense. However, what makes this transition even more thrilling is the fact that Hurts has known his new play-caller, Brian Johnson, for over 20 years.

During his first training camp press conference, Hurts was asked about the shift from Shane Steichen to Johnson as the team's offensive coordinator by OJ Spivey from the Philly Tribune. Hurts emphasized the significance of his long-standing relationship with Johnson, who was a former Utah quarterback and has been a part of Hurts' life since he was just four years old. This familiarity proves to be a valuable asset for Hurts, allowing for him to seamlessly work well with Johnson.

Johnson has been the primary quarterback's coach for the Eagles over the past two seasons, and his impact on Hurts' performance has been remarkable. Under Johnson's guidance, Hurts' passer rating skyrocketed from 22nd in 2021 to an impressive fourth place last season. Furthermore, Hurts' yards-per-attempt average climbed from 15th to an outstanding third place. His interception percentage also improved significantly, moving from 12th to fifth, while his touchdowns-to-interceptions differential rose from plus-seven to an impressive plus-16. Additionally, Hurts finished the season ranked third in rushing first downs, showcasing his versatility and ability to make impactful plays on the ground.

Prior to joining the Eagles, Johnson played a crucial role as the offensive coordinator for the University of Florida, where he helped develop talents like Kyle Trask and Kyle Pitts, who have since excelled in the NFL. With his experience as a college quarterback at Utah and his longstanding connection with the Hurts family, Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

It is evident that Hurts and Johnson's existing bond and shared history are set to create an exciting dynamic on the field. As the season progresses, fans can anticipate remarkable performances from Hurts, fueled by the familiarity and trust between him and his new play-caller.

Overall, Jalen Hurts' journey with the Philadelphia Eagles is poised for success, and the presence of Brian Johnson as the offensive coordinator only adds to the anticipation surrounding the team. With their combined efforts and strategic collaboration, Hurts is poised to lead the Eagles to another successful season.

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