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Jalen Hurts is the New "Fresh Prince"

August 23, 2023 by Athlete Studio

As we enter the 2023 season, Hurts finds himself not only secure as the Eagles' starting quarterback but also as one of the most recognized ...

Jalen Hurts Says NBA Legend Has Been "Very Helpful"

August 18, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Jalen Hurts has just signed a groundbreaking deal with Jordan, officially becoming the third quarterback to join forces with the iconic bra...

Jalen Hurts Inks Sponsorship with Jordan Brand

August 14, 2023 by Athlete Studio

In an exciting development for Philadelphia Eagles fans and sneakerheads alike, Jalen Hurts has officially become the newest member of the e...

Jalen Hurts Can Be Even Better This Season

August 14, 2023 by Athlete Studio

The young quarterback has shown remarkable growth and development. Under the guidance of the Eagles staff, Hurts is preparing to surpass exp...

Jalen Hurts Not Losing Focus

August 14, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Jalen Hurts continues to evolve and impress, both on and off the field. With his dedication, talent, and hunger for improvement, he is poise...

Eagles OC: Hurts Always Had "Great Feel For Avoiding Contact"

August 10, 2023 by Athlete Studio

With Hurts' exceptional talent and the team's collective efforts, the Eagles are poised for continued success in the upcoming 2023 season.

Jalen Hurts No.3 in NFL Top 100

August 10, 2023 by Athlete Studio

On his 25th birthday, Hurts received the ultimate birthday gift as he claimed the prestigious third position.

Jalen Hurts Draws Inspiration from NBA Legends

August 09, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Jalen Hurts aims to emulate the success of Jordan and Bryant by adding a Most Valuable Player trophy and a world championship ring to his co...

Hurts Talks Smooth Transition to New OC

August 04, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Having known his new offensive coordinator since his early days, Jalen Hurts experiences a seamless transition that not only enhances his pe...

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